Freesport og Jæren Surf Rescue jobber med å etablere en gruppe som har til formål å drive opplæring innen vannsportmedisin. Et eksempel hvordan vi tenker oss en lokal/nasjonal gruppe er organisasjonen Surfing Medicine International du kan lese mer om under her.


Om Surfing Medicine International

Surfing Medicine International (SMI) was founded as a non-profit, volunteer-based organisation in order to "Keep the Surfer Healthy and Safe" by connecting health professionals, lifeguards and water patrol, sport and environmental scientists, surf coaches and atlethes.

Surfing is becoming increasingly popular, with current estimates numbering 37 million surfers worldwide. Surfers may encounter several different types of health issues while riding waves around the globe: trauma to the head or extremities, drowning and hypothermia, UV damage to the skin and eyes, tropical infectious disease from travelling, or stings and bites from marine species are part of this spectrum, to name but a few.

By sharing knowledge, expertise, and clinical experience from our membership, representing all medical specialties and surf associated professionals, we provide the surfer with information on how to stay healthy and safe throughout life.

Les mer om SMI på deres webside her.